Daniel Wilson is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, composer, sound engineer, actor, politician, businessman and a social activist. He is one of Nigeria’s most influential performers whose music is said to have had a profound impact in defining Nigeria’s contemporary music and pop culture of today. His success actively contributed to the continued popularity of the dancehall and Afro-pop genres in Nigeria.  The Music industry in Nigeria before 1983 was stereotyped by Ganja smoking, dreadlock wearing, Rasta-claiming musicians who only played an adulterated form of the better known Jamaican reggae music, but when Daniel Wilson got on the scene that year with his debut album “The Bachelor” he exhibited a free spirit of innovation in his music, incorporating a form of dancehall music, reggae, highlife, calypso and other Afro influences, which captivated a new generation of music lovers. This form of music he introduced evolved and sustained throughout the eighties and nineties until it grew into a distinct Nigerian art form, changing the form of Nigerian pop culture forever and making him one of the most influential cultural icons of his generation.

His music combined with his social awareness is said to be the foremost ideological and musical framework with which today’s Nigerian afro-pop music found character and identity. The work that he did at that time gave birth to different styles of music, and remains an inspiration to young people on the scene today.