Daniel started his working life in his teens singing at clubs, bars and coffee shops while still at school in Port Harcourt. He found his first job as a DJ for a popular nightclub called “The Music Machine” in Port Harcourt city of Nigeria where he eventually got his chance to work the turntables, famous for their exciting Caribbean music sessions on Friday nights which was usually anchored by Daniel Wilson and Mr Tee (Tony Orubo) a serial nightclub entrepreneur in the city, the two of them became a formidable partnership that dominated the nightclub circuit in the region for years.

Daniel also co-presented a reggae program on radio called “Root Vibes” in the city’s first and foremost FM radio station 99.128, where alongside Mabelas Macaulay Akpoloma Jnr the host presenter and deejay, he would, toast and sing live over the instrumental tracks or dub plates as they call it, of singles from Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean and that was how he fast emerged as the toast of music lovers and as a talent to watch out for in Nigeria, achieving a local level of fame and success in an unorthodox way before he even recorded a song.

He did not receive any formal training for his voice, he speaks of his natural voice as being a “his gift from God” which he flaunts but with tremendous gratitude because like he says, it is a gift, and not something which he worked at. His voice has been described as ‘lustrous but unusual, beautiful and natural.