Outside of music, Daniel Wilson is associated with an array of successful business interests; he is also a formidable businessman who retains full creative control over his music, videos and productions, he has acted in some Nollywood films.

Daniel Wilson first delved into the business world in 2004 by first teeming up with his younger brothers to take up the management and expansion of a bread and confectioneries production chain of bakeries left behind by his late father Wilson Orunaboka who passed on in 2003, a move that took him completely away from the entertainment circuit except for occasional concerts and cameo appearances in the Nigerian Home Movies.

Daniel Wilson’s other business ventures include the popular Plastic Chair Moulding Factory, Neoplastics Limited, Framework Media Limited, an advertising firm that was contracted by Coscharis Motors as far back as 1992 to generate commercials for their Abro Brake fluid, a stock broking and forex trading firm called MultiCredit Finance and Securities Limited, a security firm called Ontourage Protection Limited and a waste management firm called PaintHouse Limited. Daniel Wilson is a positive role model who projects strength, confidence and empowerment, his business acumen is a blueprint for younger artists to emulate yet he has never sacrificed his sense of fun and the good life, he is involved in numerous charities and foundations. For the past couple of decades, Daniel Wilson has undertaken a relentless schedule in discovering his country Nigeria, which he calls the greatest country on earth by participating in various associations, careers and ‘’endeavours.

He is a colossal celebrated national icon who is still making music today, and has millions of fans worldwide.